At Delma, we are rethinking how we think about the world.

We innovate through iterative analytical tools, a commitment to interdisciplinarity, and vernacular insight into local contexts.



We have two modes of practice:

  • Advisory

    Modernist, prescriptive, offline

    We work with clients who want to understand how global developments affect their fields of interest, as well as the broader implications their ideas and policies may have on international affairs.

  • Research

    Post-modernist, descriptive, online

    We produce work that attempts to serve as an architecture of networked and hyper-emergent international affairs. Here we are trying to supplant old answers with new questions.

The interplay between the two allows us to monetise our curiosities to explore further curiosities.

We believe character is just as important as talent.



Stakeholder Maps

Multivariable relationship maps of key individuals and groups that provide tactical and strategic insight into complex scenarios.


Timeous reporting and analyses of key events, tailored to the specific requirements of a broad range of sectors and geographies.


A scenario planning approach that starts with an ideal future and works backwards in time to show the roadblocks and spoilers along the way.

Opportunity Analyses

Comprehensive assessments providing a strategic understanding of macro trends for business leaders and policy-makers.

Strategy Retreats

Offsite events to guide business leaders and policy-makers in honing and advancing their strategic planning.


Drawing on real-world events, simulations include fictitious triggers to game out the challenges of today’s hyper-emergent world.


Delma is on the lookout for versatile, agile, and curious minds.

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